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Crisp, Professional Photography Can Make Your Website

So you’ve decided to do a website redesign; congratulations! Think of all the websites you’ve seen that you love and you’re sending your web designer for inspiration. What do they have in common? High quality, professional and crisp photography. Whether you are just giving your website a facelift or you’re doing a complete redesign, bad photography can ruin any website, regardless of how great the design is. You know the photos, the ones that are blurry, out of focus, poorly lit, cropped incorrectly, and the list goes on and on. Poor photos can ruin the representation of your business and affect how your customers view you before they even set foot inside your office. Break out of the mold, get a fresh start and look your best; that’s where Webspec Design and OnSight Commercial Photography come in.

A Camera Phone Does Not a Photographer Make

You’ve probably heard that the invention of the camera phone has made everyone a photographer, but is it true? Not exactly. Just having a smartphone with a 14 megapixel camera does not make you the next great photographer. Sure, these photos work great for blog posts and smaller image areas, but for the front and center of your website you’re going to want high-res, professionally taken and edited photos.

Your People. Your Products. Your Company.

Why showcase random, staged people on your website in stock photos when you can have pictures of your living, breathing employees and the actual products you sell? Let our photographers take your website to the next level by showcasing your actual products, employees and customers on your website. Having an eye for design, the ability to group objects and people into layouts that appear natural and capture the beauty of a product is what makes for great photography, and the photographers at Webspec Design have it. We also have more than just an app that allows them to slightly alter photos and add a filter; our photographers have extensive photo editing training that allows them to turn great photos into incredible photos. For many businesses, the photos on the website showcase the work they have done. Wouldn’t you want your work to get you more sales and projects? Let us take photos to artistically and creatively display your best work and see how professional photos of your business can make all the difference with your clients.

We Come to You or You Can Come To Us

If you are interested in having a photo shoot of your office, products and staff we will come to you and even bring the studio with us. You also have the option to bring your staff and small-sized products into our in-house photography studio. Before the shoot we will discuss what will be a part of the photo shoot and what style of images you would like taken; literal, creative, artistic, etc. Once we take the photos and edit them, you own all the rights to the photos and you get to keep all digital versions.

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