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In business, competition is everywhere, and digital advances have made it easier than ever for companies to one-up their competitors. Keep a leg up on your competition by enlisting the help of our digital marketing experts, who can not only optimize your ad spend by targeting your most profitable user segments, but can create a digital advertising strategy that will help you reach your long-term goals.

As a full-service web and digital marketing agency, we focus on integrated marketing plans for our clients, because one size does not fit all. When you collaborate with us, we’ll delve into your organization’s marketing history to learn what you’ve tried, where you want to be, and how we can help you bridge the gap.

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Search Engine Advertising (PPC)

Search ads on search engines such as Google and Bing are just a piece of the digital marketing puzzle, but they can be an important one if your industry is highly competitive. Organizations are always vying for that coveted number-one position in search engine results, and if you’re unable to reach it organically for the keywords and phrases that are important in your industry, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can help. In search engine advertising, you bid on keywords and phrases that you want to appear for, and if your bid is selected, your ad will come up when the phrase is searched by a user. Give us your ad spend budget, and we’ll work alongside Google’s auction algorithm to ensure you’re bidding and paying for qualified leads.

The process of setting up PPC may seem easy, but weighing the cost and benefits of bidding on keywords with differing costs can be more complicated. That’s where our experts come in—we take care of all the research and legwork involved in setting up a profitable PPC campaign in your budget, bid on keywords for you, and keep you updated every step of the way. In order to get the most out of your ads, it’s crucial not to let your campaign turn into something that you “set and forget.” After your initial campaign is created, our digital marketing experts will monitor your progress and adjust for keyword fluctuations to maintain a high-quality ad score.

As a part of our services, we’ll review your campaign each month to audit your search terms, refresh your ad copy, and make sure we’re looking into any new strategies that might be the key to reaching untapped audiences.

Display Advertising

Humans are visual creatures, and let’s face it: for better or for worse, sometimes the best way to grab someone’s attention is with an intriguing visual. This is where display ads can help catch the attention of your target audiences so you can lead them to buy your products, schedule your services, or talk with your team. Unlike traditional PPC advertising, display advertising gives you the flexibility and assurance that even if a user only looks at your ad for a split second, they at the very least will see your product, colors, or other visual components, even if they didn’t take the time to read the text. There is also a wide range of ad sizes available, so together we can create banner ads, sidebar ads, and more that will display well on many screen sizes and fit in a variety of places within a web page. Whether you have ideas of how you want your display ads to look or don’t have a design vision but know you need ads, our team can help out!


In many cases, getting your initial advertisement in front of your target audience is only the first step. There are many consumers who need to be exposed to a company or product several times before they’re ready to make a purchase or reach out to get in touch. Remarketing allows you to be intentional about what you show to your target audiences and when. If you’ve ever seen a new advertisement for a business after visiting their website or clicking on a different ad of theirs, you’ve experienced remarketing! We can work with you to strategize a tactful and effective remarketing campaign that will make users more likely to get in touch with you.

Programmatic Advertising

Once you have a good handle on your target audiences and how you want to reach them on different ad platforms, programmatic advertising can help you save time. Digital advertising across multiple platforms is a necessary investment for many businesses, but it can be time-intensive and meticulous to individually configure your advertising timing and targeting across Google, Facebook, Twitter, and any other digital platforms. Programmatic advertising uses algorithms to optimize the placement, timing, and targeting of your ads so that you don’t have to keep an eye on all of your ad buying options on multiple websites. Our digital strategists are ready to work side-by-side with you to talk through your budget, demographics, and more to set up a programmatic campaign that will be profitable without requiring as much of your time and energy.

Local Service Ads

Google’s search results have recently changed with the expansion of a relatively new ad platform known as Local Service Ads (formerly called Home Service Ads). Chances are, you’ve visited Google on the hunt for a home repair service and were met with some convenient Google Guaranteed options at the top that quickly list out the name, review, rating, location, and contact information of various businesses—these are local service ads! They are meant to be a direct competitor to other Pay-Per-Lead platforms but have proven to be more trustworthy and cost-effective than some of their competitors. Rather than paying for each click (like Google Ads), LSAs only charge for qualified leads, which Google tracks through their platform. Leads are managed through a Google app that’s accessible on mobile devices, tablets, and computers. Google’s list of industries that can use LSAs is ever-changing, but this is a great opportunity for businesses in industries like HVAC, appliance repair, carpet cleaning, movers, pest control, and more!

Our digital ad experts will determine if your business is a good fit for local service ads and help build out your profile within the Google LSA platform to start making your phone ring more often with new business.

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