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Custom Content for a Custom Website

The hardest part of any website redesign process is when you have to answer the question, “So, what’s your story?” Just like the first day of school or a job interview, the panic sets in. Where to even start?

That’s where your Content Coordinator comes in. With our custom websites, we also offer content writing to win over your clients, reflect your brand, and fill out your new design. Our team of experienced technical content writers can capture your company’s voice and brand and tell your target audience why you are the best in the business.

Content That Tells a Story

Your content is the crux of your website; it engages your users and tells them what they need to know to help sell them on your business. Pictures, videos, and animations can push a website to the next level, and your content is what holds it all together. Our content writers create content that tells your story with original, custom content that is both SEO-friendly and relevant to your user.

The Webspec Content Strategy

Our content process begins with learning everything there is to know about your company because we strive for accuracy in your company’s story. From there we create a strategy by researching your industry, learning your company’s services and products, examining your target audience, and analyzing your competitors.

Rather than just handing you the text to fill out your website, our content process is to create a comprehensive strategy to make sure each page fulfills a specific purpose for your users and is sustainable for future additions. While some content will require more input from you, your overall involvement in the content creation process can be as much or as little as you want it to be.

Where Good SEO & Usability Meet

Not only do our content writers want to make sure your site is as user-focused as possible, they also want to make sure you show up in search engines. All of our content writers are also trained in SEO best practices and write your content with those goals in mind. When good, quality SEO techniques meet user-driven and researched content, your traffic and conversions grow from your brand new, custom website.

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