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You know that digital marketing is an important part of getting in front of new potential customers, but it can be difficult to know where to start, especially if this is uncharted territory for you. Let our marketing team put together a brand story for your company or organization that will allow us to use a voice that resonates with your target audiences in the ways that matter most.

Laying solid groundwork to build your ongoing digital marketing strategy will save you time and money down the road. Allow our team to work our magic to explore what your customers need most and how we can lead them to you; no more second-guessing if the messaging on your website and marketing campaigns represents you accurately!

Let Us Help You Pin Down Your Brand Voice

Entice New Customers with a Strong Brand Presence

Whether you’re starting a website project or kicking off a marketing campaign, brand messaging that you feel confident about is the first step. Inaccurately communicating your brand values and priorities to prospective clients never happens intentionally, but it can have serious consequences when building trusting business relationships. The team at Webspec is ready to help you pin down exactly who you want to reach, talk through how you want people to view your company, and tie it all together with consistent messaging across your website, print materials, and social media accounts.

User group development

Before we make a plan to reach your target audience (or audiences), we need to pin down what that audience looks like and what makes them tick. Your first-hand experience with past and current clients is a crucial piece of the puzzle; you know the people you work with every day the best, so talking with you about your current client base is one of our first steps. As we move forward, we combine that information with our user experience expertise and data from tools like Google Analytics to form an accurate profile of the priorities, pain points, and driving factors for your potential customers.

Serving both new & established organizations

Is your business just getting off the ground? We do in-depth competitor research and exploration to help identify some of the groups of people that need what you have to offer. However, we also provide thorough research for long-standing business and organizations whose priorities have changed over time. If your business changes with market conditions, technology, and more, so do the priorities of your target audiences! We’ll help you make sure your priorities align with the way you’re trying to reach your key audience groups.

Brand story & tone

Once we have a clear idea of who we want to reach in your web content or marketing campaign, we can use that knowledge to position your organization to meet user needs and gain you more clients. A brand story is a way for us to accomplish the dual purpose of creating a consistent message you can use to communicate about your organization and empathizing with your clients to let them know that you’re listening and you can help.

With a brand story, we answer questions like “what are some pain points your potential customers may have?” and “how do we want a client’s situation to change after working with us?” Our team uses the background we have about your audience and organization to create authentic responses to these questions that we can use as a guide for our team and your internal team when we create content in the future. An organization’s brand story essentially combines empathy and business, answering the question: How can we make our target audience feel comfortable so that we can build relationships that in turn, will transform into a mutually beneficial exchange?

Content Marketing to Leave Great First, Second, and Third Impressions

Getting your brand voice and user groups pinned down is just the beginning. After the foundation is established, it’s time to create content that will engage your potential customers. Our experienced digital marketing team specializes in creating short- and long-form content for blogs, digital newsletters, print materials, and more.

Regardless of whether or not you’re planning to implement an advertising campaign, it’s important to have as much quality content out about your business as possible. We’ll help you find the perfect balance of quantity and quality when it comes to generating digital communications designed to keep your users engaged and lead them to take the next step of getting in touch.

Why is blogging important?

Posting blogs on your website is time-consuming, so why is it necessary? Like most of our content strategy methods, blogging serves two purposes: building credibility with search engines and providing users with information that builds trust in your organization. Search engines tend to prioritize sites that add or change content frequently because those sites are more likely to contain accurate information.

Consistently writing long-form content for your website is often not really something you can squeeze into your schedule as a part of your full-time job, which is where we come in. We’ll take the initiative to create quality content for your organization, have you review it for edits and approval, and get your posts scheduled. Let us show off your brand’s best self on your website while you work on what you do best.

Digital newsletters

Depending on your volume of customers and the type of organization you are, a digital newsletter can be a powerful tool in reminding your client base about new products or services you can provide them. A digital newsletter can also be a great place to showcase a link to your newest blog to show off your expertise. Our team can both write and design attractive, informative newsletters that will be emailed out at regular intervals to keep your customers in the loop about what’s new with your organization and how you can help them.

Spruce up the content in your print materials

In a world that is becoming more digital by the day, print materials have fallen to the wayside for a lot of businesses. However, if you still have print materials that you use to inform your customers about your business and the services you provide, it’s important to keep these materials updated as well so your online materials and offline brand presence match. In addition to updated brand design for your print materials, we’re also happy to create content that shows off who you are as a business in an easy-to-read way.

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